The GR7 in Granada Province

The GR7, or Gran Recorrido Siete is a long distance walking route that officially runs some 4500 kilometres from the bottom most point of Spain all the way to Greece passing through France, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria on the way. It is also known as the European walking route E4.

Map of SpainMap of Andalucia

This website is a resource for people wanting to walk on the GR7 long distance footpath in Granada province (Provincia de Granada) in Andalucia, southern Spain. It provides some general information about the GR7 and some useful tips and guidance for walking the route.

Then there is some more detailed information dividing the route into sections with maps and written descriptions of the route which can be downloaded as PDF files.

Baggage Transfer / Transport Service

There is baggage service on the GR7 which can move your bags for you while you walk. They also can drop you off and pick you up from the start and end of your walk - See our Travel page

Map of Granada Province

Overview of the GR7 through Granada Province

Route Updates

So far we have written detailed guides for the GR7 between Alhama de Granada and Yegen, a distance of 180 kilometres and we are currently working on more of the route. We appreciate any feedback about changes you would like to see or errors that you have come across while using the guides. The guides will be updated every two years.